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    Computer repair Newark NJ, we are here to make sure that your computer problems are sorted out. Whenever the word repair is mentioned it automatically rings a bell that something is wrong and needs mechanical attention. In these modern times you can barely make it without a computer and it's much worse to have a computer that is not working.

    The computer is made of so many components that work together just like the human body works. These components can be outlined as follows: Case, Mother board, Power supply, Central processing unit, Random Access Memory, Drivers, Cooling Devices, Cables, Graphic Components, ports and Expansion slots and no computer would be complete without all these because as earlier mentioned they together like the human body.

    This so means that a failure in any of the components mentioned above, results to a malfunctioning computer that needs repair. Most of computer problems can however be avoided by the owner by observing simple maintenance rules like, updating your software regularly, emptying of Cache files and cleaning your registry.

    With this in need it's good to outline some of the major problems with computers; these could be listed as; Low speed; this is usually caused by overloading maybe by installing unnecessary programs, fragmented data and spyware. Installing only the programs you need and cleaning the registry could help in handling these problems.

    Failure in the power supply is also a major problem that causes the computer to keep on rebooting itself to try to cool itself. It's good to ensure that the fan is properly working and the cables are well connected. It's also advisable to have a Uninterruptable Power Supply referred to as UPS to protect your computer against power surge, when power goes off unexpectedly it could cause damage to your computer, a UPS work to ensure that you enough power to save you data and safely switch off your computer.

    Some of computer problems could mean you opening the mother board; you are therefore supposed to use the right tools to make sure you do not create a bigger problem while trying to sort out a small problem. Some of the basic tools used are; Nonmagnetic Screw drivers, Voltmeter, ATX power supply tester, cable testers, software and there are other Computer repair New Jersey that would require you back up your data so maybe an extra external hard drive to copy and backup your data or this could substituted by a data recovery software.

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